Boss Dungeons

Page detailing the aspects and functions of the Boss Dungeons.

Access to the Dungeon

Boss Dungeons can be accessed by crafting a Scroll inside the Arcane Forge. Interacting with those Scrolls will start a 5 second timer. After this timer, the teleportation into the dungeon will automatically happen. Spawning in a small room, you now have to use the respective Key crafted inside the Arcane Forge as well. Right-click on the block marked by the hologram above with your Key and the wall/door will break.

After the door breaks down, you have time to sort your inventory and prepare. Upon walking a few blocks into the arena, a short boss-spawning animation will start and the boss will spawn in the middle of the arena.

After completing the dungeon, you can exit it via the /exit command.

Teleportation Scrolls

Teleportation Scrolls are Consumables that initiate teleportation into the respective dungeon once upon use. There is currently no way to enter a dungeon without a scroll.

Teleportation Scrolls can be crafted inside the Arcane Forge.


Each dungeon is themed differently with unique bosses, arenas, and keys. The crafted keys for each dungeon will be crafted out of different materials with varying methods of collection.

Keys are crafted inside the Arcane Forge.

Keys grant the possibility to open the gate to the main arena where the boss will spawn. Without a key, the dungeon is essentially not playable.

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