Rules and Punishments

About the Server's Rules and Punishments


The Server and Discord currently runs under the following Rules and guidelines:

  1. No hacking/hacked clients. Any modified client that gives you a gameplay advantage is hacking. Modded clients that do not give a gameplay advantage (for example optifine) are allowed. (ex. fly hacking, aimbotting/killaura, water walking, xray, entity tracker, speed hacking & possession of a hacked client, even when not in use.)

  2. No usage of Macros. Macros that loop or are designed to do anything else are not allowed as it gives you an unfair advantage.

  3. Do not abuse bugs, glitches or exploits. Any behavior of the game which is unintended by the developers and gives the player an advantage or can otherwise be exploited is a glitch. Showing or sharing any information about a glitch or an exploit with another person (other than moderators or Staff in general) is not allowed and will be punished for if done by any player (duping, possession and distributing illegally obtained items, bypassing restricted areas, and using colored text in chat are some examples.)

  4. Do not curse at, insult or harass people. Includes bypassing words that are censored. Swearing is fine, as long as it is not abused and not directed at someone.

  5. Do not spam. Spam is sending messages extremely quickly or sending messages with no useful content in an attempt to clutter chat. (This includes all types of chat-systems)

  6. Do not scam players. (Selling something that is grossly overpriced, tricking someone into underpricing their item, tricking someone into buying an item that was not promised.)

  7. Do not advertise. This includes advertising other servers, other platforms like social media etc.

  8. Do not buy or sell in-game items for real money. Using real life money, or something worth real life money, to purchase an in-game item from another player. This includes selling/buying WarpedRealm store items for items in-game or selling art or services for real money using our platforms. Breaking this rule directly breaks the EULA, which will never be tolerated, and which will be punished for, accordingly.

  9. Do not leak information. Leaking information about unreleased content or updates, including blocked off areas is prohibited. You may talk about unreleased content that has been shown publicly by the content team or admins.

  10. Do not steal Content from the Server. This includes Textures, Models, Concepts regarding Systems / Items / Bosses, Structures (People using WorldDownloader WILL get detected and WILL be banned permanently instantly.)

  11. Do not use Alt-Accounts. Alt accounts allow for huge advantages regarding AFKing, working as a bank for money to not lose it on death and much more. To also prevent Ban-Evasion with alts, they are not allowed and will get banned.

That being said, all of these rules are indefinite and may be subject to change.

In addition to all of this, common sense should be used for absolutely everything. Just because a rule isn't mentioned doesn't mean it can't be enforced.


We use a 2-strike system. Fail to comply with MOST rules a maximum of 2 times and you will be punished permanently. Punishments are:

  1. Chatting services provided by the server may be restricted for you.

  2. You can be banned from discord-server.

  3. You can be banned from the minecraft-server.

The first ban usually goes for 30 days, while the second one is going to be permanent.

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