Patch 1.0



  • Introduced Votingrewards (100% chance for vote-crate-key, 20% chance for spawner key)

  • Added sellprices for all of the new 1.17 items

  • Balanced out rankup prices a bit

  • Wrote this whole wiki page (which took ages btw)

  • Updated to 1.18 (and 1.18.1), then updated a shit ton of plugins because of it

  • Added scoreboard wiki discord and store mention

  • Overhauled leaderboards at spawn

  • Added Store-Stat thing at spawn

  • Got a new proper anticheat set up and configured (and tested by myself!)

  • Regenerated the wilderness to be in 1.18 terrain (also moved over the arena!)

  • Wrote this stupid page which took way longer than it shouldve

  • Added quests, ranks, discordlink, store, wiki, discord, tpadeny, tpa, rules, unignoreplayer, ignoreplayer, playtime, playtimetop, bal, balance, money, jobs, repair to TCF

  • Increased renderdistance of the server

  • Added restart and maintenance messages

  • Unused claims now run out after 14 days, normal ones after 60 of not being inactive (Exception being players with 10000 ClaimBlocks or 5000 bonus claim blocks)

  • Chests placed dont get claimed anymore

  • Member role shows up in scoreboard

  • Ranks now have job rewards


  • Added "Claim-Block" section

  • Added "Black Market" parent section

  • Added page for Votingsites

  • Created JS function to open all voting-sites in one click

  • "Store" button redirects to base page of the store now

  • Added Giftcard-Balance module

  • Added Featured Rank

  • Changed main-button-color to purple instead of gray

  • Added payment gateway

  • Fixed a few checkout errors

  • Created 3d render for claimblock icons

  • Added icon for claimblocks

  • Added claimblock description

  • Fixed css issues and a few weird stylings

  • Fixed wrong redirect on package page

  • Fixed wrong playerskin render (or headrender) on basket page

  • Fixed wrong minotar url

  • Fixed package playername input to be required

Bugfixes and Tweaks

  • Fixed all custom items using "ON_HIT" and "WHEN_HIT" triggers on abilities

  • Fixed Crate keys not registering sometimes

  • Fixed announcement (broadcast) formatting

  • Tweaked a few bosses dealing too much damage and having too little HP

  • Fixed a few missing blocks at spawn and in the boss arenas

  • Fixed critical errors with voting

  • Removed warmup times for /warp, /home and /spawn

  • Combat Mode 10s -> 15s

  • Changed a few of the crate particles

  • Fixed empty line under the death and deathfee message

  • Optimized server-ram-usage

  • Deleted a few unused worlds

  • Fixed a bug where /sell wouldnt be in the TCF

A few final words for this launch:

  • I wanna thank Luke for helping me out here and there regarding tips, tricks, finding help with errors and bugs, testing the anticheat and even coding some custom plugins i needed to fix some errors

  • I wanna thank egg for testing a lot of stuff, helping me a ton with building and keeping me company over the 13 months being in development

  • I wanna thank jack for locking me out of my server once and helping me with networking, setting up the dedicated server initially and being a good friend overall

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