Elevators are a great way to effiently teleport up and down.


Elevators provide a convenient way of transportation on WarpedRealm, allowing players to move vertically up and down without having to climb stairs or build complex structures. With a maximum range of 40 blocks, elevators can instantly transport players between levels, making them a popular choice for buildings with multiple floors.

Create an Elevator

To create an elevator, you will need two types of blocks: emerald blocks and sea lanterns. Start by placing an emerald block on the ground, and then place a sea lantern directly above it. Next, place another set of emerald and sea lantern blocks above or below the first set, depending on the desired direction of travel.

Using the Elevator

Once the elevator has been constructed, it can be used by pressing the spacebar to ascend or sneaking to descend. It's worth noting that there is a one-second delay between uses to prevent spamming.

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