Custom Crafting

Page detailing the functions of Custom Crafting.
Crafting is a mechanic on WarpedRealm that lets players craft custom weapons, armor, staffs, consumables, scrolls and more.


There are 3 crafting stations used for different recipes:
  1. 1.
    The Altar, used solely for crafting materials used in other recipes (Accessable through shift-rightclicking a Lectern)
  2. 2.
    The Arcane Forge, used to craft the most powerful gear and infused items with very rare materials won from bosses, crates and rare loot. (Accessable through shift-rightclicking an Enchanting Table)
  3. 3.
    The Forge, used to craft the majority of custom items like weapons and consumables (Accessable through shift-rightclicking a crafting table)
    • Since update 1.63 the Forge does not include armor anymore. Shift right clicking a crafting table will now open a menu that allows switching to the Armory, the Forge or the Artisans Workshop.
    • The Armory is used to craft custom armor sets.
    • The Artisans Workshop is used to craft furniture.
Some Items have the special ingredient "Spectral Catalyst", this item is a guaranteed drop of any boss.

List of Special Item Drops

Dropped from
Spectral Catalyst
Guardians and fishing
Resonating Onyx Lodestone
Mining uncommon deepslate ores (rare)
Ancient Gaean Monolith
Mining uncommon deepslate ores
Eternal Ice Shard
Fishing in ice biomes with the starter rod
Resonating Glacial Lodestone
Fishing in ice biomes with the starter rod (rare)
Hardened Leather
Goblins, Bandits and cat morning gifts
Ethereal Leaves
Shearing / breaking leaves