Tutorial for using Claiming Tools.

Used to claim your land, prevent both mob and player grief, protect your chests and items, prevent players from opening doors.

  • /kit claim - Gives you the 'Shovel of Claiming'.

Hold the 'Shovel of Claiming' in your main hand and select, by right clicking the ground, the 2 corners surrounding the land you want to claim.

If you wish to see your claims, hold the 'Shovel of Claiming' in your main hand. Gold blocks should indicate the area you have claimed. Using /claimslist will also give you details about your claims.

  • Claims have to be a minimum width of 5 blocks and have a minimum area of 50 blocks in total.

  • Unused claims will expire in 14 days and inactive claims, 365 days.

  • You're only able to claim land in the Wilderness, Utopia and Hell. Builds contained within the End or Nether are unable to be claimed.

Upon joining the server for the first time, players receive a total of 1024 claim blocks, which correlates to 4 chunks (1 chunk = 256 blocks).

You can earn more claim blocks either through crates or by buying them in the server store.

Trusting Players

  • /trust <player> - Allows trusted player to place and break blocks inside the claim.

  • /accesstrust <player> - Allows trusted player to interact with doors, buttons etc.

  • /containertrust <player> - Allows trusted player to access chests, barrels, hoppers, shulkers, droppers etc.

  • /permissiontrust <player> - Allows trusted player to trust other players to the claim.

  • /untrust <player> - Untrusts a player and removes all their permissions within your claim.

  • /trustlist - Lists the permissions set for the claim you're standing in.

  • /trapped - Gets a player out of land they're trapped in.

In order to make your claims public, <player> can be replaced with 'public; everyone; all'.

Configuring Claims

  • In order to abandon a claim, simply stand in it and do /abandonclaim. If you want to remove all your claims, do /abandonallclaims. Once claims are abandoned, all claim blocks used will be given back to you.

  • To resize your claims, right click the glowstone corner. To make your claim larger you will need to have the correct amount of claim blocks.

  • To create Subdivisions, do /subdivideclaims while standing in the claim you wish subdivide. Hold the 'Shovel of Claiming' and, as you did with the regular claims, right click the ground to indicate the first corner; this however, must be within a pre-existing claim. Right click the ground again to create the claim. To remove a subdivision, simply do /abandonclaim.

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