Auction House

Tutorial for using the Auction House


The Auction House allows Players to buy and sell items globally. You can buy Items in the Auction House by default, and you get access to selling at the "Merchant" Rank.

Command usage

The main command to access is /ah . Running this command shows you the main GUI.

Other commands for the auction house are:

  • /ah cancel - Cancels ALL your auctions

  • /ah expired - View your expired items to return

  • /ah return - Return all your expired items

  • /ah search <filter> - View filtered items in the auction house

  • /ah sell <price> [amount] - Sell the item you are holding in your hand

  • /ah selling - View the items you are selling

  • /ah sold - View the items you have sold

You can see the same information in-game with the/ah helpcommand

Unlocking and Upgrades

When reaching the Rank-up rankMerchantYou get the ability to sell1item and get total access to the base Auction House and its commands.

Further upgrades are:

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